Oscars: The 9 worst dressed

As the awards season has already seen plenty of superstars and actors take their fashion transactions to the red carpet with varying success, everyone knows that the Senior high Awards are the best big.

But sadly for several of the actors, fashionistas and industry leaders moving into the 89th Total annual Oscars on Sunday, big bucks invested in works by top designers doesn’t almost always mean success in the gown category.

May the envelopes were opened up at Sunday’s Academy Honors, there were clear {those who win on the red carpet. While many celebs appeared stunning, its not all star found a place on our best outfitted list. The following looks were simply a touch off.

For more detail of Oscar worst dresses

1. Dakota Johnson


2. Blanca Blanco


oscar worst dress

3. Felicity Jones

Oscar worst dress

4. Leslie Mann

Oscar worst dress

5. Olivia Culpo

Oscar worst dress

6. Riz Ahmed

Oscar worst dress

7. Ava DuVernay

Oscar Worst Dress

8. Priyanka Chopra

Oscar worst dress

9. Ryan Gosling

Oscar worst dress