How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles On Your Hands

Here are some home remedies to get rid of wrinkles on your hands.

Oil Treatment

People who have oily skin are not easily prone to wrinkles, so having oily skin is a good thing.

Give your hands a youthful fragrance and smooth appearance by applying oil that suits your skin type or coconut oil, sesame, castor or other of your choice in your hands and leave for at least one hour.

How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles On Your Hands

Lemon Juice Sugar And Milk

Dip your hands in warm water for 15 minutes

Add 1nd half tbsp. of baking soda

Add 1 lemon juice and 1 tbsp. of sugar

Make a paste; it will look like a scrub

Massage this scrub on your hands for 15 minutes

How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles On Your Hands




How to get rid of stretch marks with sugar


Extend stamps are unaesthetic, and once they show up, are extremely hard to evacuate. Perceive how to dispose of them utilizing characteristic fixings. Extend stamps can influence anybody and as a rule happen after pregnancy, weight vacillations or steroid-based medications. Ladies have a higher danger of making extend checks and disposing of them is very troublesome. Other than corrective creams, you can attempt a characteristic formula, which can be arranged in no time flat.

How to do it yourself!

For this natural remedy, you need a spoonful of sugar, a teaspoon of olive oil or castor oil, lemon juice and half a capsule of vitamin E. Mix all ingredients until you get a smooth paste, then it on the areas affected by stretch marks, using circular movements. Rub gently until the substance is absorbed. For the treatment to be more effective, it is advisable to use a brush and to massage in order to increase blood circulation. Try this treatment for 2-3 minutes daily for several weeks, and you’ll see how stretch marks will fade.

L’Oreal Color Make Over



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The Most Effective Method to Set Up a Fruitful Valentine’s Day Feast

Romantic dinner

Pondering what to serve this current Valentine’s Day? Take after our customs of sentimental cooking to ensure your supper date is a refined achievement.

Do your exploration

Take an ideal opportunity to tailor your formula to the tastes of your date – shellfish might look exceptional yet in the event that your date is obliging and not a fan it could be a long night.

Try not to make it chaotic

Slurping isn’t hot – so do whatever it takes not to make anything excessively chaotic, making it impossible to eat, unless obviously will be crunching your spaghetti Lady and the Tramp style in which case all principles go out the window.

Do keep it straightforward

Your Valentine needs to see you not a started up Michelin-featured culinary specialist, yes? Adhering to a dish you know can spare a considerable measure of weight on the night, exemplary steak and chips, sautéed seabass and twofold chocolate pots are will undoubtedly hit the spot.

Try not to eat al-fridgo

Try not to take motivation from the ice chest scene in 9 ½ Weeks – in any sensible circumstance a blend of milk, stew and jam does not end in sentiment.

Do keep things sweet

End your night on the sweetest of notes with light pastries like enthusiasm cake, cherry shortbread hearts, sentimental rose cupcakes or cut and-prepare Valentine’s bread rolls. These shouldn’t abandon you feeling too full for an after supper tango or two.

Try not to go garlicky

Unless your date appears to have overlooked their shadow it’s most likely best to go simple on the garlic – with regards to breath toning it down would be best.

Do keep it clean

Nothing will stop a date like a touch of spinach got between the teeth, we prescribe avoiding this profoundly sticky fixing no matter what.

Try not to go excessively hot

A red face and running nose is a troublesome hope to pull off, so it may be a smart thought to avoid anything truly zesty.

At last… do have a fabulous time

As Bridget Jones demonstrated you can dish up blue soup and jelly and still win your cherished one’s heart, the primary concern is to unwind and appreciate.

Bridal Beauty Countdown Part II

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Get Your Skin Smooth

Try a deep-cleansing body facial if your gown reveals your back or shoulders. If you’d rather not spring for a spa treatment, have a friend apply a purifying mud or clay mask to your back once a week to draw out oil and grime; let it harden, then rinse.

Get Your Skin Smooth

Polish Your Pearly Whites

“Get a professional bleaching now since the procedure can leave teeth sensitive for two weeks afterward,” says Marc Lowenberg, the cosmetic dentist behind Amanda Peet’s pearly whites. Keep your teeth dazzling by avoiding red wine, coffee, tea, and berries leading up to the wedding.

Polish Your Pearly Whites

Try on a Spray Tan

Professional air bronzers can customize your color—test out different aestheticians to find the one who does the best job. Your glow should last between five and seven days. Keep your new color going strong with an at-home gradual self-tanner.

Try on a Spray Tan

Smooth Out Your Strands

For brides seeking a sleek hairstyle, Keratin treatment-used by celebrities like Julianne Moore-turns waves and curls pin-straight in hours, and it lasts until your hair grows out.


Go For One Last Trim

Three weeks before the wedding is ideal. “Any blunt lines will soften by the big day, giving you a clean, natural look that falls perfectly,” says Rhys.


Try a Homemade Mask

Don’t risk a facial before the big day. One safe bet: a mask made with one tsp raw oatmeal and one tsp honey. Let it sit on your face for five minutes, then rinse. “The minerals in oatmeal are soothing, and honey hydrates and kills bacteria,” says celebrity aesthetician Kate Somerville.


Think Before You Lather

Wash your hair the day before the wedding if you plan on wearing it up so strands will be easy to work with. Squeaky-clean hair gives bobby pins and accessories the slip, so don’t lather up the day of.


Pamper Your Hands

Add a paraffin treatment to your final mani-pedi so hands and feet look supple. You might even want to book an appointment for the morning of your wedding, in case you break a nail at the rehearsal dinner, says Kristina Baune, celebrity manicurist for Creative Nail Design.


Prevent Pimples

If there’s an area of your face that breaks out under stress, spot treat it with a sulfur or clay mask you’ve successfully used before. This can prevent zits from popping up overnight, says dermatologist Kenneth Beer.



“Drinking plenty of H2O, using water-based moisturizing products, and spending time in a steam room can plump up skin cells and enhance luminosity,” says Somerville. If you don’t have access to the latter, run a humidifier in your bedroom the night before the wedding.


Bridal Beauty Countdown

Bridal Beauty Countdown

You have the dress, however there’s still tons to do before that stroll down the walkway. Mark your schedule with our prep list and figure out which vital steps you ought to be taking months, weeks and hours before you say “I do!”


Give Skin Some TLC

Unless your specialist says something else, begin this skin regimen at home: Wash your face twice per day with a mellow to profound chemical, contingent upon skin sort; bog twice per week with a natural product compound exfoliant; utilize a lighting up serum and a high-SPF sunscreen day by day; and apply a hydrating cream with delicate hostile to agers consistently.


Schedule a Series of Facials

In the event that your skin is fit as a fiddle and doesn’t require a specialist’s consideration, Renee Rouleau, a Dallas aesthetician who has tended to Jessica Simpson’s skin, prescribes a facial each four to six weeks, beginning six months before the wedding. From the get-go, try different things with various types—a lighting up cancer prevention agent facial one time, a reviving light-emanating diode (LED) facial the following—to see what your skin responds to best.


See a Brow Specialist

“You require lead time to shape virgin foreheads or become back scanty spots,” says Ramy Gafni, a N.Y.C. temples master. Request that your master take after the regular line of your foreheads and take a traditionalist methodology. “The most complimenting shape for ladies is full with a pleasant curve,” says Gafni. Book shapings each four to six weeks paving the way to the wedding, and refrain from DIY culling between visits.


Care for Your Hair

“You require lead time to shape virgin foreheads or become back scanty spots,” says Ramy Gafni, a N.Y.C. temples master. Request that your master take after the regular line of your foreheads and take a traditionalist methodology. “The most complimenting shape for ladies is full with a pleasant curve,” says Gafni. Book shapings each four to six weeks paving the way to the wedding, and refrain from DIY culling between visits.


Let It Grow!

In the event that you long for streaming locks on the day of your wedding, begin moving in the direction of your objective at this point. Remember that hair becomes around a half creep for every month. Advise your beautician to trim close to an eighth of an inch every time.


Consult a Colorist

Examine any hair shading changes you’re thinking about at this point. Semi-perpetual coatings are extraordinary entryway colors that give a clue of tint. Lasting single-procedure shading effectively covers grays. Brilliant highlights photo best, including profundity, composition and shimmer, says Kyle White, a N.Y.C. colorist who has worked with Mariah Carey


Have a Tress Rehearsal

Bring a preview of your outfit and headpiece to your hairdresser. On the off chance that you’ll need hair expansions, request that your beautician request them now; they’ll should be trimmed and shaded to coordinate your hair. As yet experiencing difficulty focusing on a look? Attempt a fantastic chignon or a half-up, half-down creation.


Book Weekly Manicures

Plan week after week manis—particularly in case you’re a nail-biter—and month to month pedis to make a uniform length and shape for nails (think medium length with adjusted square edges). On the off chance that you haven’t yet picked a nail shine for the wedding, pull twelve hues you like and attempt another one every week. When you settle on your shading, purchase a jug for crisis touch.


Decide On Your Makeup Look

At your trial run, “plan to look like yourself yet better by characterizing temples, lashes and lips, and giving skin a sound sparkle,” says big name cosmetics craftsman Mally Roncal. Take photos of your completed face—inside and out—so you can perceive what you look like in changed lighting. Examining these shots can offer you some assistance with determining on the off chance that you need to pump up your shadow or change from an establishment to a tinted lot


For further detail stay tune……

5 Benefits of Deep Relaxation


Deep relaxation has several positive benefits on the mind and body. Achieving deep relaxation through hot hydrotherapy relieves aches and pains, improves heart health, decreases symptoms in medical conditions, reduces stress, and improves sleep.

  • Using a hot tub helps you achieve relaxation by reducing pain and stiffness through heat and buoyancy. Using an aqua massage feature helps even more by reducing pain messages sent to the nervous system. The pain reduction and reduced pressure on your body help you achieve a deeper state of relaxation. The deep relaxation further increases muscle and joint pain relief. Relaxation can help reduce symptoms of arthritis, muscle injury and inflammation.
  • Deep relaxation reduces blood pressure and the metabolic rate. Studies show that immersion in warm water reduces the heart rate by 15 percent, systolic blood pressure by 11 percent and diastolic blood pressure by 12 percent.
  • Using relaxation techniques reduces the symptoms of numerous diseases and disorders, including anxiety, diabetes, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, infertility, high cholesterol and irritable bowel syndrome. Combining the benefits of traditional relaxation techniques, like meditation, with hydrotherapy increases the reduction in symptoms.
  • Stress increases your risk for diseases. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center stress causes the “fight-or-flight” response and changes that,  “include increased heart rate, blood pressure, and rate of breathing, and a 300 to 400% increase in the amount of blood being pumped to the muscles. Over time, these reactions raise cholesterol levels, disturb intestinal activities, and depress the immune system.” Deep relaxation in hot tubs reduce stress by aiding in the reduction of cortisol — the stress hormone — in the blood. Achieving deeper relaxation in a hot tub also increases dopamine concentrations.
  • Fatigue, insomnia and sleep deprivation cause numerous health problems, including decreased immune system function, weight gain and hypertension. Sitting in a hot tub creates changed in your body temperature that help trigger relaxation and sleepiness. By using relaxation methods to improve your sleep, you’ll also improve your quality of life.

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