Bridal Beauty Countdown Part II

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Get Your Skin Smooth

Try a deep-cleansing body facial if your gown reveals your back or shoulders. If you’d rather not spring for a spa treatment, have a friend apply a purifying mud or clay mask to your back once a week to draw out oil and grime; let it harden, then rinse.

Get Your Skin Smooth

Polish Your Pearly Whites

“Get a professional bleaching now since the procedure can leave teeth sensitive for two weeks afterward,” says Marc Lowenberg, the cosmetic dentist behind Amanda Peet’s pearly whites. Keep your teeth dazzling by avoiding red wine, coffee, tea, and berries leading up to the wedding.

Polish Your Pearly Whites

Try on a Spray Tan

Professional air bronzers can customize your color—test out different aestheticians to find the one who does the best job. Your glow should last between five and seven days. Keep your new color going strong with an at-home gradual self-tanner.

Try on a Spray Tan

Smooth Out Your Strands

For brides seeking a sleek hairstyle, Keratin treatment-used by celebrities like Julianne Moore-turns waves and curls pin-straight in hours, and it lasts until your hair grows out.


Go For One Last Trim

Three weeks before the wedding is ideal. “Any blunt lines will soften by the big day, giving you a clean, natural look that falls perfectly,” says Rhys.


Try a Homemade Mask

Don’t risk a facial before the big day. One safe bet: a mask made with one tsp raw oatmeal and one tsp honey. Let it sit on your face for five minutes, then rinse. “The minerals in oatmeal are soothing, and honey hydrates and kills bacteria,” says celebrity aesthetician Kate Somerville.


Think Before You Lather

Wash your hair the day before the wedding if you plan on wearing it up so strands will be easy to work with. Squeaky-clean hair gives bobby pins and accessories the slip, so don’t lather up the day of.


Pamper Your Hands

Add a paraffin treatment to your final mani-pedi so hands and feet look supple. You might even want to book an appointment for the morning of your wedding, in case you break a nail at the rehearsal dinner, says Kristina Baune, celebrity manicurist for Creative Nail Design.


Prevent Pimples

If there’s an area of your face that breaks out under stress, spot treat it with a sulfur or clay mask you’ve successfully used before. This can prevent zits from popping up overnight, says dermatologist Kenneth Beer.



“Drinking plenty of H2O, using water-based moisturizing products, and spending time in a steam room can plump up skin cells and enhance luminosity,” says Somerville. If you don’t have access to the latter, run a humidifier in your bedroom the night before the wedding.



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