5 Benefits of Deep Relaxation


Deep relaxation has several positive benefits on the mind and body. Achieving deep relaxation through hot hydrotherapy relieves aches and pains, improves heart health, decreases symptoms in medical conditions, reduces stress, and improves sleep.

  • Using a hot tub helps you achieve relaxation by reducing pain and stiffness through heat and buoyancy. Using an aqua massage feature helps even more by reducing pain messages sent to the nervous system. The pain reduction and reduced pressure on your body help you achieve a deeper state of relaxation. The deep relaxation further increases muscle and joint pain relief. Relaxation can help reduce symptoms of arthritis, muscle injury and inflammation.
  • Deep relaxation reduces blood pressure and the metabolic rate. Studies show that immersion in warm water reduces the heart rate by 15 percent, systolic blood pressure by 11 percent and diastolic blood pressure by 12 percent.
  • Using relaxation techniques reduces the symptoms of numerous diseases and disorders, including anxiety, diabetes, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, infertility, high cholesterol and irritable bowel syndrome. Combining the benefits of traditional relaxation techniques, like meditation, with hydrotherapy increases the reduction in symptoms.
  • Stress increases your risk for diseases. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center stress causes the “fight-or-flight” response and changes that,  “include increased heart rate, blood pressure, and rate of breathing, and a 300 to 400% increase in the amount of blood being pumped to the muscles. Over time, these reactions raise cholesterol levels, disturb intestinal activities, and depress the immune system.” Deep relaxation in hot tubs reduce stress by aiding in the reduction of cortisol — the stress hormone — in the blood. Achieving deeper relaxation in a hot tub also increases dopamine concentrations.
  • Fatigue, insomnia and sleep deprivation cause numerous health problems, including decreased immune system function, weight gain and hypertension. Sitting in a hot tub creates changed in your body temperature that help trigger relaxation and sleepiness. By using relaxation methods to improve your sleep, you’ll also improve your quality of life.

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