Enjoy Salon Standard Results with Liquid Palisade

palisade new 1-600x600

Nails get noticed, so it makes sense to ensure they look as well-presented as possible. One of the common problems when it comes to completing your manicure is achieving crisp, clear borders around the edge of the nail or when applying nail art. In these circumstances, Liquid Palisade provides the perfect solution. Specifically formulated to offer no-more-mess liquid tape for nails, this liquid latex nail tape is easily applied with a brush exactly where you need it, offering an impenetrable barrier that can be easily removed once the nail polish application is complete.

Versatile Peel Off Nail Polish

Whether you’re keen to get that stripe across the nail exactly even for a top quality French Manicure, or want to protect your cuticles from the accidental polish application, Liquid Palisade is up to the job. The product can be applied with either thick or thin brushes, enabling an accurate result no matter what look you’re aiming for. If you’re interested in adding contrasting shapes or patterns to your nail art, this nail striping tape can be shaped into any design, opening up a wealth of possibilities.

Easy French Manicure

Flawlessly applied polish is one of the secrets of a good French Manicure, so liquid tape is essential to achieving the precise delineation between the various shades on the nail that is characteristic of this style. Using easy DIY nail art tape means that even adventurous designs are achievable, allowing everybody to create exciting, eye-catching results that get noticed for all the right reasons.

Salon Standard Results Without the Salon Price Tag

If you want to obtain top grade nails without spending time and money at a professional salon, Liquid Palisade is a must-have option for your nail care routine. Adaptable, easy to apply and quick to remove, its little wonder that a growing number of people are choosing it as part of their nail grooming routine. To find out more about the possibilities that liquid nail tape can bring, or to place your order, call us now at (888) 954-3778.


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