Most Effective Homemade Recipes of Hair Growth Treatments

Everyone desires to have a head of beautiful hair. But more and more people suffer hair loss as they’ve got greater pressure or because of unhealthy lifestyles. However, you needn’t feel inferior because of your shedding and thinning hair. That’s because hair loss can be prevented and you could grow more hair through some kinds of treatments.



You may have tried many ways of hair growth treatments and your must know that the hair-growth treatments or products are usually quite expensive. But in this post, we would like to share with you 13 healthy and effectual fast growth recipes for your hair.

Plus, the best thing is that they won’t cost you too much and you can totally make them at home. Some of recipes are even from vegetables and fruits. They are quite worthy to try. To ensure your hair grow faster and thicker, just stay here, check out the recipes and experiment with them. Scroll down and have a try


Recipe 1 Fresh Curry Leaves with Coconut Oil

Everyone knows curry is a delicious spice, but you may not realize that it can be a useful ingredient for your hair growth.

Recipe: Firstly, buy some coconut oil at retailers or drugstores. You also need some fresh curry leaves which you can get at specialty shops that sell fresh herbs or Indian food. Secondly, boil these two ingredients until you can see some black residue. Finally, glean the residue and apply it to your hair.To help your hair grow faster and healthier, you should use it twice a week.


Recipe 2 Castor Oil

Castor oil does a wonderful job to solve the serious hair loss problems such as bald spots and receding hairlines. Besides, it can also be used for eyebrows and eyelashes growth. And the steps are quite simple.

Recipe: You can get a bottle of regular castor oil at many shops, such as retailers, grocery stores and even drug stores. All you need to do is to apply several drops of castor oil to your scalp and then massage it thoroughly. To make the effect better, you can use a shower cap or any other things to cover your hair, leaving it overnight. By the way, you can also add some castor oil to your rinse-out conditioner when you are washing your hair. Experiment with this treatment only once a week and you can see the difference. To get your eyebrows grow thicker, you can try it every day.


Recipe 3 Vinegar Treatment

Vinegar works well to regulate our hair’s PH value, so the vinegar treatment is helpful for the hair growth. There are many kinds of vinegar you can choose. For example, the apple cider vinegar takes good care of your hair with less ordor. White vinegar is just great. For day hair, the wind-based vinegar can be a better choice.

Recipe: Mix one part of vinegar with two parts water. And you can add sevearl drops of some essential oil you like to diminish the odor. As a final rinse, this treatment is usually used after your shampoo when you are washing your hair. Once or twice a weekly is suitable at the beginning of the vinegar treatment. After a certain period, you can just use it once or twice a month to maintain the growth and health of your hair.


Recipe 4 Olive Oil with Egg Yolk

Egg yolk and olive oil, as we all know, are both nourishing. With great vitamins, proteins and fatty acids, the egg yolk can not only prevent hair loss but also thicken the thin hair and help your hair grow. As for the olive oil, which is quite great for dry hair, works well to renovate your hair texture and make it healthier.

Recipe: Prepare two egg yolks and two spoonfuls of olive oil. Mix them together and then add half a cup of water to dilute the mixture. Thus, you can get a perfect mask for your thinning hair. Then, apply this mask to your scalp, massaging it thoroughly and slowly. Keep the mask for 15 to 20 minutes, and then you can rinse it out. It may seem inconvenient to do this treatment, but you can get a satisfying result just by doing it once or twice a month.



Recipe 5 Rosemary Hair-growth Treatment

Rosemary is wonderful herb that will make a great contribution to your hair growth. Because it can stimulate your scalp and strengthen your hair.

Recipe: Mix 2 spoonfuls of dry and crushed rosemary leaves with 300mls of water. Then apply it to your hair from the ends to the scalp and massage it thoroughly. You can just use it on your clean hair and it doesn’t need washing, for it’s not greasy.This treatment should be operated not more than four times a week. You can do it according to your hair condition.



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