Homemade Hand Scrub for Dry Skin

Usually, it is stated that your hands show the reflection of your age or, in other words, we can say nothing gives away your age more than your hands. However, costly hand creams and hand scrub aren’t the solutions.

Homemade Hand Scrub for Dry Skin

Continues use of these lavish facial and hand scrub creams will agony your face and hand. They can be overloaded with a lot of chemical ingredients which is definitely harmful to your skin and especially on your dry skin of the hand.

In case that you are keen to try somewhat great and economical, for the dry skin of your hands, like a scrub then in this situation we suggest you some homemade hand scrub which are made by different products. As soon as exfoliating through this scrub it will eradicate all the dead skin cells and give you a smooth and soft skin. Another benefit of this homemade hand scrub it can be suitable for the hand as well as feet too.


Olive Oil and Sugar Hand Scrub:

Homemade Hand Scrub for Dry Skin

  • Olive oil three tablespoon
  • Water Three tablespoon water
  • Half cup sugar
  • Two drops of perfume


Put in a bowl 3 Tbsp. of olive oil, 3 Tbsp. of water and 1/2 a cup of sugar, blend them well. Enhance two drops of any fragrance and then smear it on your hand. Always massage in circular motion.This hand scrub keeps your hand soft.

Coconut Oil Sugar and Salt Scrub:

Homemade Hand Scrub for Dry Skin

  • Coconut oil 1 tbsp
  • Sugar 1/4 cup (white or brown)
  • Sea salt ¼ cup
  • 1 lemon juice


Blend coconut oil with honey and also mix lemon juice sugar and salt in it. Spread them on your hand massage it smoothly and also rub this homemade hand scrub on between your fingers.

Rose Petal Scrub:

Homemade Hand Scrub for Dry Skin

  • Brown sugar one and a half cup
  • Almond or jojoba oil one tablespoon
  • Petals from one rose (pink or red)
  • Glass container with cap


Every time you need to use it you must prepare this scrub beforehand the time. Pourthe coconut oil into the jar put a few quantities of rose petals in it, after that enhance the raw sugar, at that time drizzle almond or job oil in the last. Blend it and rub this homemade hand scrub on your hand moreover can use on the complete body. It will be definitely given an excellent result.

This beauty tips related to dry skin has been taken from famous blog TheworldBeast.Com.


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