Stress-Free Treat With Reflexology At The SPA In DIFC

How to handle stress? At work, family, learn to fight against stress and its consequences. Meditation, natural solutions, breathing … Discover all our anti-stress tips and techniques at the SPA in DIFC with traditional massages, bodywork and skin treatments. The Mind and Sense SPA in SZR calls you upon for a visit to make it a stress-free day!

spa in difcTraditionally, reflexology is an integral part and obeys different energy patterns and principles. Another school, however, stems from the rigorous and documented work of American doctors and physiotherapists in the early 20th century. Several variations also exist depending on the stimulated area: Auricular (ear), Facial, cranial. But it is the reflexology, on the surface of both feet (plantar surface, dorsal, external and internal) that is the most widespread and appreciated.

Reflexology at the SPA in SZR involves pressure with the fingers on the reflex zones. Each reflex zone corresponds to an organ, gland or a body part. While it is common to start the session with a small foot massage, reflexology isn’t massage at all but rather a specific point stimulation technique, like what is done in shiatsu and acupressure. This deep stimulation, at the field level, is for bodies to restore the balance of all body systems (homeostasis) and energy harmony of the body.

spa in difc

Reflexology is therefore working on the reflex zones of the foot but the term “reflex” should be interpreted as “thinking” or “reflective” mirrors. The foot (just as the hands or face) can indeed be seen as the mirror of the body like miniature map of the different systems, muscular, nervous, respiratory, digestive, urinary, cardiovascular, lymphatic, endocrine, reproductive), as a kind of “dashboard” of the body. Visit the SPA in DIFC!

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