Figuring out the path to this Salon in SZR

Have you been hunting wild for a wellness center in Dubai, UAE? Haven’t you been though the Sheikh Zayed road where you can actually look for a Salon in SZR? Well here you go, check in at the Al-Ghaya residency for Mind and Sense spa in order to fulfill the fanciful or pampering delights such as wellness treats in form of exotic massages, hair treatment, skin care, facials, makeup, hair cut, manicure/pedicure, keratin treatment, paraffin wax treats for hair removal and much more.

So what if you are feeling exhausted and are looking forward for an exclusive touch on body with a professional yet exotic massage? Have you heard about the hot stone therapy? If you haven’t, here you go! Don’t worry it isn’t any high flame or sweltering scorch therapy. No, the stones used in the famous hot stone massage are not bound to look pretty and bring an exotic touch to your massage. They do have a relaxing and draining properties we are looking to escape all the pressures of everyday life. The benefits of hot stone massage to against-indications, they tell you everything!

salo in szr

The hot stone massage at Salon in SZR, what is it?

As the name suggests, it is not a classic massage where only the practitioner’s hands will relieve accumulated tension in the body. The stones are a great addition to relaxation. Heated, they stimulate the muscles and knots while providing us with a feeling of well-being comforting. Too warm, these might burn the skin. Therefore, it prefers to work with marble stones that keep less heat. You may check out at the Salon in SZR.

This treatment is ideal for people looking to disconnect while releasing daily stress. However, people prone to varicose veins should outlaw this massage. It is also recommended for diabetics and people with cardiovascular problems to avoid this kind of care. The stones improves blood back massage from the bottom to the upper body. Similarly it is teardrop stones on the legs to drain while those Diamondbacks will allow creating specific pressure points on the entire body.

spa at sheikh zayed road4The wheels are not just skimming stones! With the heat, toxins are released; the immune system invigorated and relaxed body. The hot stone massage is also known to relieve muscle knots and pain. How many stones can achieve so much? Through the heat applied by these rollers, the vessels dilate promoting blood circulation accomplished at the Salon in SZR. 

This article “Figuring out the path to this Salon in SZR” has been taken from popular blog in relation with health and fitness SPA.


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