See Salma Hayek’s New Campaign for Luxury Jewelry Brand Pomellato

salma-hayek-x-pomellato_3-443x502Right on the heels of turning into a genuine activity champion in the endeavor film Everly, the radiant Salma Hayek is currently the new face of Milan adornments brand Pomellato, as indicated by Latin Times.

The staggering new battle, which was disclosed amid the current year’s Milan Fashion Week, emphasizes the on-screen character wading in a shallow pool of precious stone blue water, enhanced with a few bits of Pomellato adornments. The arrangement was shot by Los Angeles photographic artist pair Mert & Marcus, whom Hayek applauded saying “I would pay for them to take my portrait!”

Keeping in mind some may cry nepotism since Salma’s spouse, François-Henri Pinault, is the CEO and executive of Kering, which claims Pomellato, Hayek’s dazzling looks demonstrate that she has a place in the spotlight. While advancing the new crusade, Hayek focused on the significance of adornments throughout her life. “Adornments for me can be, in case you’re sufficiently fortunate, a guide of your history. It doesn’t need to be extravagant; adornments marks uncommon minutes in time. It talks about the individuals that offered it to you, and when and why. When you’re gone, once more, in case you’re exceptionally lucky and don’t need to offer your gems, your adornments can be left for the following eras,” said the on-screen character.

Salma Hayek likewise talked about her thankfulness for the adornments abandoned by her grandma. “Albeit I dislike the majority of the pieces, it doesn’t make a difference; they’re a piece of her and recount the account of her life.” Hayek says that she won’t hold up until her own particular demise to impart her adornments to her girl, Valentina






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