Looking For Mind And Sense Salon In Difc?

Salon in DIFC Dubai

Salon In DIFC

salon in Difc

Mind and sense Salon in DIFC is located in the center of Dubai close to the pedestrian area of DIFC.​​ The spa offers wellness massages (relaxing massages, stimulating massages, Ayurvedic massage, reflexology), training in massage, beauty treatments for men and women, tan without UV 100% natural spa (sauna, bath whirlpool, shower, water jet Wellness) and slimming treatments. It is also an atmosphere designed for your complete relaxation candles, essential oils, Zen music and of course pampering to zenith.

The practitioners are of massage wellness, all services are delivered by an incumbent team graduates. Ultimate privilege: Each of your appointments, the Spa is fully booked you with incredible deals scattered in each category such as for hair, skin and body. This is a space for wellness and relaxation located salon in DIFC for women.

The massage specialist team offers a wide selection of relaxing rituals for your relaxation time suits you perfectly: Californian…

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