Latest Fashion Heels

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Growing up i generally puzzeled over what the following development of shoes will be particularly high heels..but they simply got higher and more slender and the more seasoned i got the higher my heels got. The most well-known inquiry by the older folks were ” How would you stroll in those?” my answer was dependably while strutting my lastest pair of shoes “that it wasn’t even that high and ran my speediest in heels” clearly trying to pass off a flagrant deception, wanting to think not to be challenged.

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However Guiseppe Zanotti and numerous different fashioners like Jeffery Campbell made an OTT shoe with no heel, wonder what the seniors would ask in the wake of seeing that, beacuse im still blown-away how anybody can really walk in…”her feet be executing her, I call it SHOEICIDE, looking great has it sacrifices ”

2014 - 1 (22) 2014-12-23 IMG_8552IMG_8550





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