How to remove a Shellac manicure/pedicure at home


I have had two Shellac nail trims and a pedicure as such. Whilst I completely love them, they are a bit of a mongrel when you need the shine evacuated. The first run through, when I was tired of the nail trim and it was beginning to chip at any rate, I picked it off like I would with typical clean that had started to chip, and all the while I totally decimated my nails. Terrible move. When it came to evacuating the pedicure I chose to accomplish it at a salon when I was accomplishing an alternate pedicure, and they charged $5.00. Outrageous overpricing of you ask me! Particularly as they essentially recently peeled it off themselves. After these two encounters I concluded that I needed to figure out how to do it without anyone’s help. This is my strategy:

What you will need:

  • Cotton balls
  • Aluminium foil
  • Acetone based nail polish remover (I used Sally Hansen Strengthening for Weak, Thin Nails)
  • Tweezers (optional)

shellac removal - foil and cotton

Step: 1

Tear the foil into 10 pieces (or however numerous nails you are doing) into squares that are around 5cm x 5cm.

shellac removal - soaked cotton

Step: 2

Tear the foil into 10 pieces (or however numerous nails you are doing) into squares that are around 5cm x 5cm.

shellac removal - cotton on nail

Step: 3

Rehash until all nails on one hand are carried out. It is best doing one hand at once as you need your fingers free on the inverse hand to uproot the shine. Leave for no less than 10 minutes.

shellac removal - wrapped

Step: 4 

Following 10 minutes check one nail. The Shellac ought to be lifting up at this point. Utilizing a couple of tweezers or a nail from your other hand (I utilized nails from my inverse hand), delicately scratch the Shellac finish. It ought to fall off effectively. On the off chance that it doesn’t, put the splashed cotton fleece and thwart over on for an additional 5 minutes.

shellac removal - peeling shellac

Step: 5

Repeat on second hand.

Step: 6

Utilizing another nail shine remover splashed cotton ball, give the greater part of your nails a last scour to uproot the last determined pieces of Shellac.

shellac removal - finished nail


On the off chance that the Shellac isn’t falling off effortlessly then it needs additional time with the nail shine remover. On the off chance that you attempt to peel it off as opposed to scratch it off you will demolish your nails. I got fretful with my second hand and have harmed these nails (see underneath).

shellac removal - wrcked nail

I was likewise fretful (as I was busting to take my new Gelicious pack for a test drive) and did both hands on the double. It was extremely hard to wrap the second hand and I feel that may have bargained the results on that hand as I couldn’t wrap the foil firmly. Unless you have an aide to help you, you are in an ideal situation being patient and doing them each one in turn.

What system do you use to uproot your Shellac nail treatment or pedicure?


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