Nail How-To: Velvet Manicure

Cheerful #manicuremonday! You may recollect what enormous fans we were of Ciaté’s caviar nail trim, so you can envision that we were so eager to attempt their most recent texturizing unit. The Ciaté Velvet nail treatment is some more lengthy than the caviar was, yet we’re adoring the profound war fleet shade (it additionally comes in berry and beige) and velvety surface! The directions that accompany the unit are a decent begin, however there are a couple of changes we found that make making the ideal, smooth look much less demanding.


Step 1: After evacuating any old clean and recording your nails to your favored shape and length, paint one cover of the matching paint pot that comes in the Ciaté pack. We likewise did one striped stress nail, utilizing an obscure silver shine for the base.


Step 2: After your first layer is dry, begin working one nail at once and paint a second cover. In case you’re trying for an example, just paint the parts you need to be covered in velvet. Quickly, while the shine is still wet, dump the smashed velvet onto your Ciate Velvet Manicure nail. Make a point to do this over the included plastic tray for simple cleanup! In the event that you flip the cover off the top, there are a couple of modest openings, however we found that taking the spread off the tube totally and spilling a pack of velvet on works way better.


Step 3: Flip your hand over and tenderly tap your finger as an afterthought of the tray to get the abundance velvet off your nail. At that point, utilize the pack’s brush to scope away any additional velvet still adhered to your fingers. When you’ve done each of the 10 fingers, pour the velvet particles that have gathered in the tray go into the tube for future utilization!


Ciate Velvet Manicure

This nail treatment is best for extraordinary events, such as homecoming or prom, on the grounds that the velvet begins to get destroyed when you wash your hands. Actually when the velvet isn’t as fleecy, in any case it makes a truly really, super-pigmented shade on your nails! You can get your own particular Ciaté Velvet Manicure at Sephora.

images (1)



What do you think? Would you attempt this smooth nail treatment? Do you favor this or the caviar? Sound off in the comments!


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